Internate im Ausland - Referenz der Partnerschule

Stanstead College, Stanstead, Québec, Kanada

I have had the privilege of working with the professionals at Carl Duisberg Centren for over 10 years. Carl Duisberg Centren’s counselors are experts in the field of school placement! They not only place enthusiastic and intelligent young people at my school and many others but also provide many important services to families and schools: orientation for students in preparation for their study abroad, liaison between the school and parents at home in Germany, translation, and help for the re-integration of students as they return from their study abroad.

Carl Duisberg Centren are renowned for their knowledge of the many schools where they send students and are recognized by admissions professionals like myself as leaders in the German market.

Canadian schools are unique, offering a different environment and programs from other areas throughout the world. I feel that Carl Duisberg Centren are also unique in their tremendous service to families and commitment to placing students in a boarding school that suit their individual interests and abilities.

It is a pleasure to work with leaders in the educational field and I am proud of the long history my school (and I) have had with Carl Duisberg Centren. I look forward to many more!

Joanne Carruthers, Director of Admissions

Erfahrungsberichte - Internate im Ausland