Internate im Ausland - Referenz der Partnerschule

St. Michaels University School, Victoria, British Columbia, Kanada

St. Michaels University School (SMUS) is pleased to continue a long relationship with the Carl Duisberg Centren. Over the past decade, excellent students from all parts of Germany have brought the very best of their culture to our international boarding school program.

Recently, SMUS joined other schools from Canada, the US and the UK on the Carl Duisberg Boarding school tour. Not surprisingly, we met wonderful students from many regions of the country. SMUS will join the event again in the years to come. Carl Duisberg Boarding School Program team members also visited our campus here in Victoria, Canada, which is one sign that they really care about making the best recommendation for the students interested in a boarding school adventure.

When we receive an enquiry from Carl Duisberg Centren, we know their team of experts has already worked closely with the student and family to determine which continent, region, school and program will best meet that student’s goals. It is a critically important step in the process and one that cannot be understated. A great boarding school experience will yield several key results: a student who returns to Germany with wonderful stories of a life-changing adventure; a family who speaks highly of Carl Duisberg Centren and the receiving school; and a school community that benefited from knowing the student and his or her family.

Through a personalized screening process and continued communication with home and school, Carl Duisberg Centren has a proven record of ensuring the student experience is a positive one, thus ensuring a bond among all stakeholders. I know that all of my boarding school colleagues have past Carl Duisberg Centren families that – perhaps years later – they now count as friends.

After many years in the business, and at a time when families have a great deal of choice, it’s comforting to know that the Carl Duisberg Boarding School program is a thriving enterprise that continues to place students at top schools around the world.

Paul Leslie, Director of Admissions

Erfahrungsberichte - Internate im Ausland