Internate im Ausland - Referenz der Partnerschule

Bishop’s College School, Sherbrooke, Québec, Kanada

With a campus bordered by farmland and rolling hills, Bishop's College School (BCS) is a small, welcoming community established in 1836. Located in a university town in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, our school programs are rigorous yet supportive, and challenging yet nurturing. Our students are well-rounded, motivated learners who are eager to welcome new challenges. Our mission is simple: to provide students with a complete education to prepare them for success in university and in life.

BCS has been integrating quality students from Carl Duisberg Centren for many years, introducing them to Quebec culture and our school. We work together to ensure that BCS is the right fit and to make sure students will be able to thrive in our environment.

Lyne Labrecque, Associate Director of Admissions

Erfahrungsberichte - Internate im Ausland